Pinellas County Schools


Math Assessments


Phase I Curriculum

Week 13


Numbers, Operations and & Algebra


Target Lessons - 3rd Grade:

1. Math Nums Ops and Algebra 3_9

2. Math Geometry 3_5


Target Lessons - 2nd Grade (where applicable):

1. Math Nums and Ops 2_1

2. Math Nums Ops and Algebra 2_1


Please continue to have students work on multiplication skills as part of the assigned Math Numbers and Operations and Algebra curriculum.


Audit student lesson plans and progress monitors for all previous lesson plans.







Language Arts

Language Arts Assessments

Target Lessons


1. Vocabulary 3_9

2. CCSS Reading 3_9

3. MCRC 3_9 : Paul's Canine Friend


Target Lessons - 2nd Grade (where applicable):

1. Vocabulary 2_1

2. MCRC 2_1 : Feeding the Birds


Additional Reading Resources: Houghton Mifflin - Soar to Success Reading


Please review progress monitor results for Reading Comprehension exercises in EasyCBM for each student. 

Work diligently toward increasing number of individual and small group sessions.  Log in Differentiated Instruction database.




Explore Rome


Aha! Science Introduction

Introduction to Light

Students will learn about sources of light and that light travels at high speed in straight lines. They will discover how light behaves when it encounters transparent and opaque materials, exploring in particular the formation of shadows.





District staff will work with each program site regarding the new Aha! Science Resource and access requirements for students and staff.




Elements of Dance


GOAL 1 – Students will learn the elements of dance. They will demonstrate movement skill, process sensory information, and describe movement, using the vocabulary of dance.



1. Build the range and capacity to move in a variety of ways.

2. Perform basic locomotor skills (e.g., walk, run, gallop, jump, hop and balance). And axial movements (e.g., swing,

     twist, sway, fall).

3. Understand and respond to a wide range of opposites (e.g., high/low, forward, backward, wiggle/freeze).

4. Perform simple movements in response to oral instruction (e.g, walk, run, turn, reach).


GOAL 2 – Students will apply skills to create and communicate meaning through improvisation, composition, and performance of dance.

1. Create movement that reflects a variety of personal experience (e.g., recall feeling happy, sad, angry, excited).
2. Respond to a variety of stimuli (e.g., sounds, words, songs, props, images) with original movements.
3. Respond spontaneously to different types of music, rhythms, and sounds.
4. Create a short movement sequence with a beginning, middle and end.
5. Imitate simple movement patterns.



Proposed Daily Schedule

Category                           Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday        Thursday           Friday

General Instruction

(20 minutes)

Math                                  4:15 - 4:35                                       4:15 - 4:.35

Reading                                                            4:15 - 4:.35                                     4:15 - 4:.35

Science                                                                                                                                                   4:15 - 4:.35

Small Groups                   4:40 - 4:55            4:40 - 4:55          4:40 - 4:55          4:40 - 4:55           4:40 - 4:55

Melrose Small Groups    5:10 - 5:25            5:10 - 5:25         5:10 - 5:25           5:10 - 5:25           5:10 - 5:25




Note: Small groups should be assembled based upon progress monitor results.  Individual instruction should include student home work assignments and support where needed.  Teachers please use enrichment instruction time as program planning time.

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