Pinellas County Schools


Math Assessments


Phase I Curriculum

Week 14


Language Arts

Numbers, Operations and & Algebra


Target Lessons - 3rd Grade:

1. Math Nums and Ops 3_8

2. Math Nums and Ops 3_9

3. CCSS Math 3_9


Target Lessons - 2nd Grade (where applicable):

1. Math Nums and Ops 2_2

2. Math Nums Ops and Algebra 2_2


Please continue to have students work on multiplication skills as part of the assigned Math Numbers and Operations and Algebra curriculum.


Audit student lesson plans and progress monitors for all previous lesson plans.







Language Arts Assessments

Target Lessons


1. Vocabulary 3_10

2. CCSS Reading 3_10

3. MCRC 3_10 : Saving Sister's Bear


Target Lessons - 2nd Grade (where applicable):

1. Vocabulary 2_2

2. MCRC 2_2 : The Tea Party


Additional Reading Resources: Houghton Mifflin - Soar to Success Reading


Please review progress monitor results for Reading Comprehension exercises in EasyCBM for each student. 

Work diligently toward increasing number of individual and small group sessions.  Log in Differentiated Instruction database.




Explore Alaska


Aha! Science Introduction


Students will learn the three forms (states) of matter and their characteristic properties. They will also discover that adding or removing thermal energy (heat) is what causes matter to change form. Students will learn that all matter is made of atoms that can join together to form molecules. They will also discover that substances can be combined to form mixtures or compounds.





District staff will work with each program site regarding the new Aha! Science Resource and access requirements for students and staff.




Artistic Dance

The purpose of artistic dance is to entertain or inspire. One of the most important
characteristics of Artistic Dance is that there is a clear distinction between the performer and
the audience.


Ballet: This form of dance communicates ideas or emotions to an audience while using
very formal pre-determined steps. The dancers usually try to appear weightless and
disconnected from the ground (high level). Ballet can tell stories that are humorous or sad and
can communicate many kinds of emotions or other ideas.

Modern Dance: This form of dance also communicates ideas or emotions to an
audience. Sometimes it uses pre-determined steps. Other times it allows the performer some
freedom to make up their own steps. The dancers often appear to be well-connected to the
ground (low level). Just like Ballet, Modern Dance can tell stories that are humorous or sad and
can communicate many kinds of emotions or other ideas.




Proposed Daily Schedule

Category                           Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday        Thursday           Friday

General Instruction

(20 minutes)

Math                                  4:15 - 4:35                                       4:15 - 4:.35

Reading                                                            4:15 - 4:.35                                     4:15 - 4:.35

Science                                                                                                                                                   4:15 - 4:.35

Small Groups                   4:40 - 4:55            4:40 - 4:55          4:40 - 4:55          4:40 - 4:55           4:40 - 4:55

Melrose Small Groups    5:10 - 5:25            5:10 - 5:25         5:10 - 5:25           5:10 - 5:25           5:10 - 5:25




Note: Small groups should be assembled based upon progress monitor results.  Individual instruction should include student home work assignments and support where needed.  Teachers please use enrichment instruction time as program planning time.