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Math Assessments


Phase I Curriculum

Week 2


Thursday: Online Assessments (Math)

  1. Math 3_ 5 Fall

  2. Math 4_5 Fall

  3. Math 3_5 Fall

Friday: Online Assessments (Math)

  1. CCSS Math 3-5_Fall

Language Arts

Language Arts Assessments

Given the national and state goal to have every child reading on grade level by grade 3 (No Child Left Behind Act, Reading First, and Just Read, Florida!) and the significant number of children struggling with learning to read, educators are in need of readily available, scientifically based reading instruction resources to help meet this need.


The 21st Century iClass Learning Reading Assessments are designed to serve classroom teachers’ needs for informal, sequential measures of student’s reading abilities across the five areas of reading instruction:


  • phonological awareness

  • phonics

  • fluency

  • vocabulary

  • text comprehension


Monday: Online Assessment (Reading Fluency Assessment)

  1. Passage Reading Fluency 3-5_Fall


Tuesday: Online Assessments

  1. Vocabulary 3_5 Fall

  2. CCSS Reading 3_5 Fall


Wednesday: Online Assessments (Reading Comprehension)

  1. Reading Comprehension 3_5Fall


Aha! Science Introduction

Science assessments will begin Week 3.


Dance Introduction/Basic Elements

Discussion in Safety in Dance Space (20min)

  1. Recognize and avoid safety hazards

    1. Have students discuss aloud what they believe are hazards in the dance space as well as the reason behind their answer

    2. Simulate with students entering dance space and checking for any hazards

  2. Personal space

    1. Discuss the importance of maintaining appropriate personal space during dance as it relates to safety

    2. Place students in positions with sufficient space. Remind them to take a mental picture of their “personal space”.

    3. Allow students to switch positions and find “personal space” without instruction. Adjust once they have finished moving if need be


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