Pinellas County Schools


Math Assessments


Phase I Curriculum

Week 6


Numbers, Operations and & Algebra

Target Lessons:

1. Math Numbers and Operations 3_4, 4_4, 4_5

2. Math Numbers and Operations 3_5,4_5, 5_5

3. Math Numbers, Operations, & Algebra 3_4, 4_4, 5_5






Language Arts

Language Arts Assessments

Target Lessons


1.  CCSS Reading 3_5, 4_5, and 5_5

2.  MCRC 3_4, 4_5 and 4_5

3.  Vocabulary 3_4. 4_4 and 3_5


Aha! Science Introduction

MOSI in Motion: Mobile Science Lab - Students will be immersed in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) as they engage in innovative, exciting hands-on science experiments, demonstrations and simulations with a MOSI educator!





What does the MOSI in Motion: Mobile Science Lab include?

• Up to five 45-minute sessions

• One program per day for selected grade level

• Maximum 30 students (elementary) or 25 students

  (secondary) per session

• All hands-on materials needed for the program

• Enthusiastic science & technology Educator that is Lunsford



Lego Concepts - Alligators and Crocodiles

Alligators and Crocodiles Lesson Plan, Similarities, Differences, Facts, Worksheet Science Teaching Activity



• Students will be able to describe the physical characteristics of alligators and crocodiles.

• Students will be able to identify the behavioral characteristics of alligators and crocodiles.

• Students will be able to describe the similarities and differences between alligators and crocodiles.


Alligators and crocodiles are large reptiles. They have some

things in common and some differences between them.

Like all reptiles, both alligators and crocodiles are cold-blooded,

meaning that their body temperature changes with the weather.

They stay warming by basking in the sun.

Alligators are scaly and have dark hides. They have long,

muscular tails and wide snouts. When they are babies, they

have bright stripes and yellow splotches that disappear as the

alligator gets older. In contrast, crocodiles have pointed triangular

 snouts with one tooth that sticks out on either side of their mouths.

They are a lighter color than alligators - usually greenish or grayish brown.


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