Pinellas County Schools


Math Assessments


Phase I Curriculum

Week 9


Numbers, Operations and & Algebra


Target Lessons:

1. Math Numbers and Operations 3_6. 4_6, 5_6

2. Math Geometry 3_3, 4_3, 5_3

3. Math Nums Ops and Algebra 3_7, 4_7, 5_7

4. CCSS Math 3_7, 4_


Audit student lesson plans and progress monitors for all previous lesson plans.






Introduction to:


Language Arts

Language Arts Assessments

Target Lessons


1.  Word Reading Fluency 3_6, 3_7, 3_8

2.  Passage Reading Fluency 3_6, 3_8, 3_9

3.  Vocabulary 3_7, 3_8, 3_9

4.  CCSS Reading 3_7,3_8, 3_9

5. MCRC 3_7 : The Bee's Gentle Friend


Audit student lesson plans and progress monitors for all previous lesson plans.

Explore London


Aha! Science Introduction

Introduction to Life Science

Students will learn how plants carry out photosynthesis and will identify the roles various plant parts play in growth, reproduction, and survival. They will also study different environments and the resources they provide that allow plants and animals to survive. In addition, they will discover ways in which adaptations help plants and animals survive.





District staff will work with each program site regarding the new Aha! Science Resource and access requirements for students and staff.


Creative Dance Concepts


Creative dance is a form of dance that provides the potential for personal expression. There is no right or wrong way of moving and the classes are conducted quite differently from traditional dance classes. One of the goals of creative dance is to communicate through movement and the dancer draws on their own inner resources to create and express through their own unique movement. The aim of creative dance classes is to continually expand and extend movement range by drawing inspiration from a range of external stimuli including music, props, emotions and other dancers. The benefits of Creative dance span across mind, body and spirit.


Some of the benefits of Creative Dance include:

•Enhanced physical fitness - including strength, flexibility

•Improved Social skills - self esteem, communication, working with others.

•Improved wellbeing - reduction of stress/anxiety